• All audio played on Internet radio "Sky Records, used for informational purposes only in a deteriorated quality (128\96\32 kbps)

• All Audio material belong to their authors and owners.

• All audio used to introduce in the air, they were obtained from the authors or from free mp3 archives on the Internet.

• Internet radio "Sky Records" is not a commercial Radio station, and does not derive any financial benefit.

• Any material can be removed from the database on demand "Author" or "Owner".

• Internet radio "Sky Records" - asks his listeners after listening to the audio track by means of Internet radio "Sky Records" to buy the licensed products.

If you are the copyright holder or author, any audio that can be heard in the air and you against the sound of their on the Internet radio Sky Records
Contact us ( ) .

All audio infringing content will be removed from the database on demand of their author (s).

Requirements for filing a request for "Copyright"

The request is sent by e-mail to the E-Mail address radio
() on the following items:


1. The name of the owner or right holder. 

2. Contact information (name, address, phone number and email address).

3. The name of the object that is protected by copyright.

4. You must provide proof of your rights to the copyrighted material:
- the scanned document printing
- email to the official email domain of the company owner
- other information to uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material. Possible that any of the options.

5. Specify the location of the material, providing information sufficient to support the Internet radio Sky Records could find this material and subsequently bringing evidence to remove it from the resource (www.sky-records.ru), and with rotation of Internet radio.

If the claim is not the copyright holder and his authorized power of attorney representative (legal entity), you must provide a copy of the power of attorney on the actions of individuals on behalf of the holder or the company.
Materials infringe your Copyrights will be deleted within 24 hours.